Caring For My Own

Caring for My Own 2.jpg

I've been blessed with the opportunities to care for both my grandma and my dad in our home. My grandma moved in with us when she was eighty-four. Our sons were 10, 7, and 2. It was a lot to take on, but my grandma had always been there for me, and I was determined to care for her as long as I could.

She lived with us on and off (mostly on) for ten years. Those years provided us many opportunities to grow in patience, love, sacrifice, and selflessness. They were also years full of joy, humor, and fun. Our sons learned the importance of caring for one another and making family a priority. During those years I had dear friends who would visit my grandma to give me some time away. A lovely neighbor woman, named Rita, befriended my grandma and became one of her closest friends. I was so blessed seeing the deep friendship between them.

A few years after my grandma passed away, my dad moved in with us to receive hospice care at the end of his life. Though this was only for a few months, once again we learned deep lessons of caring for another and experienced great joy as well. And, once again, dear friends visited with my dad, giving me much-needed breaks.

As I've been blessed to be part of Our Family Friend over the last several months, I realize that this is exactly the kind of care I would have wanted (and received from my friends) for my grandma and my dad. These caregivers invest in their client's lives and view their work as a calling and a mission. It's personal for them. And it should be, because it's very personal for the families and loved ones receiving care. 

I would have felt completely confident in inviting Our Family Friend to work with my loved ones. You can, too!