Dee Petry, Owner

Almost 4 years ago I left my human resource position in a healthcare firm to pursue my mission of forming a home care company with a team of exceptional caregivers.

Having experience in the home care field and seeing the type of care that some of the companies were offering, my direction was clear- Provide a different option for families.
I have been able to be selective with the type of caregivers that we want to add to our growing team. These individuals are the best in their field and are truly the hands and feet of this organization. I am proud of my team and the great work that we do!!!

I have a passion for Our Family Friend, LLC but I am also a mother of 2 teenage boys and a wife to a corporate pilot. My children and husband also help with families and often volunteer their time to get to know our families better. This is truly a family business!

Christie, Care Team Manager/Scheduler

I realized about 15 years ago that I love helping other people on there worst days. I love to bring a smile to someones face when things aren't going quite right.

I was an EMT for 10 years and then moved on to taking care of Alzheimer's and dementia patients in an assisted living home. I enjoyed taking care of the elderly and making them feel like they were at home. Then the opportunity arose to actually take care of people in there own homes.

I loved the idea that the people wouldn't have to leave there own homes to go to an assisted living facility that they could live in the comfort of there own home. I joined the team at Our Family Friend and find this job very gratifying.

Carol, Director of Client Services

My first experience with love and caring for the elderly was working as an activity director at an assisted living Alzheimer's home. Such a gratifying experience to make a day brighter for very special people.

I am so excited to be involved with the vision of Our Family Friend to help our elderly, disabled community enjoy the comfort of their homes for as long as possible. I am privileged and honored to be able to hand pick each caregiver for our clients so they will get the best care possible.

In my spare time I enjoy capturing special memories for people as being a photographer, and spending time with my seven grandchildren and their many activities.

Monica, TBI Care Manager

Hello, I am Monica,

Our Family Friend found me a little over a year ago. I have been so blessed to be able to work for this company and be apart of this community. I for one love taking care of others and being able to do that through this business had been so rewarding for me. I am a student working towards the same goal which is helping others by working in the operating room.

Also, I love the Lord which makes my job as a caregiver that much more wonderful. Not only am I able to care for others but also express love to others, which is ultimately God's love.

I want nothing but to put my all into everyone I care for and also there families.

Bethany, TBI home Care Coordinator

Bethany started working with Our Family Friend LLC in January 2015 and quickly developed a passion for Traumatic Brain Injury Care. She is the current household placement manager for the TBI sector of the company.

“Brain Injury is such a difficult thing for and Individual to go through, but I love being an advocate in the recovery process. Every injury is unique, and I enjoy the every changing challenge of finding out what our clients truly need to achieve an ever higher level of success and independence.”

When Bethany is not answering calls, visiting new clients in their homes, or assisting in her own clients' rehab; she likes to draw and paint landscapes, read, go hiking with her hubby, or watch way too much Sci-fi.

Kristie, human Resources Manager

HI, my name is Kristie. I am a wife and mother of five children. I love to spend time with family, read, and teach. I am also a teacher and love helping others whether young or old. I love Our Family Friend and what it provides for elderly


Marijane, Client Care Coordinator


Michelle, Caregiver

Hi, my name is Michelle,
I've worked with the elderly off and on for years I enjoy interacting with them listing to their life stories and helping them out with their daily tasks. I lost my grandparents at a young age so I'm passionate about sharing time with my clients.

Sue, Caregiver

I’m a retired administrative assistant, senior citizen, mother of 4, grandmother of 6 who likes to stay busy. I enjoy helping people and have always enjoyed the company of those older than me.

I used to love to sit and watch my grandmother crochet and to listen to the stories my grandfather would tell. I lost both of my parents and what I now consider a very young age and therefore cherish the time I get to spend with other seniors.

Helping and caring have been a significant part of my life since very early on. I’d be lost if I didn’t have the opportunities that Our Family Friend provides.

Tonya, Caregiver

My name is Tonya, I've been working in the healthcare industry for many years on and off.

I'm certified in Healthcare Foundation's, Medical Assisting, Patient Care and Dialysis patient care.

I have been married for 9 years and have 2 beautiful boy's. My passion in life is family and to help people in any way I can!!

Meg, Caregiver

Meg graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.S. in Cognitive Science in 2017. Next, she will be pursuing a degree in occupational therapy. She has been a caregiver for Our Family Friend since May 2016. She loves being a caregiver for Our Family Friend as she enjoys helping clients increase their participation in daily occupations.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family.

Monica, Caregiver

I started working in my field of Senior care 20 yrs ago with extensive training in Dementia , Alzheimer's, and Memory care.

I've meet some wonderful families and felt that I have enriched the lives of those I've worked with.
When you LOVE what you do and share a gift its all worth it.

I have a wonderful husband of 30 years. A son and daughter. We enjoy our skiing trips, camping and traveling. My other passions are golfing, working out at the gym,biking , Kayaking and baking.

We strive to provide the best quality care.

Michael, Caregiver

My name is Michael, and I graduated cum laude from Siena Heights University in 2013 with a BA in Theatre/Speech Communication and a Music minor. However, I am planning on going back to college in my pursuit to go into the health care field, where I am currently looking to be either a Physician Assistant or in nursing.

I have been a caregiver since early 2015 and have been trained in Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED. After caring for my ailing grandfather in Fall 2015, I realized that I wanted to work in a home health care setting. It is incredibly fulfilling to be a member of the Our Family Friend team and forming relationships with its clients.

Outside of health care, I can usually be seen acting and singing on the theatrical stage (or as a director).

Duffy, Therapy Dog

Duffy is our certified therapy dog. He is a 5 year old Golden Retriever and he is quite the character.

Along with his smile, Duffy has been known to “hug” people and often finds his way onto the laps of those needing the most attention at the moment.

Duffy is a volunteer at the local hospital visiting patients on the head pain/trauma unit. He is available to work with any clients that request his services. We use Duffy with clients and their extended families alike.

Ayana, Caregiver

Hi, My name is Ayana,

I have my Bachelor's degree in Psychology. I have worked in a group home assisting people with Schizophrenia and Anxiety Disorders. I also have worked in an assisted living dealing with residents with various disabilities and disorders. I am CPR/AED certified, MORC certified, and Medication Administration certified.

Although I have had various jobs, none of them served me a great purpose, except the ones where I assisted people with disorders & disabilities. My goal is to help others by ensuring their everyday living is comfortable and enjoyable no matter their circumstances.

Rachael, Caregiver

My name is Rachael and I am a senior art and exercise science major at Hillsdale College.

I have been working in medical facilities since beginning high school with work experience and internships in orthopedics, physical therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, geriatrics and chiropractic care. After all of those fulfilling experiences, I come to find the common denominator was that I loved learning from people – young and old. There is so much you can find out about yourself just by learning of others’ experiences. I find it to be extremely rewarding.

I came to Hillsdale on a softball scholarship before my playing days ended in injury. I finally came to the realization that I wanted to use my artistic side to guide my way through life. After my graduation from Hillsdale College it is my hope to continue to a Master of Fine Art program for photography. Photography gives me the same opportunity to watch families grow, learn from others, and tell their story through art.

I absolutely adore sunflowers, giraffes, , quality music and good lattes. I am an avid Detroit Tigers fan and could spend the rest of my days at a ball park, but I will settle for enjoying the outdoors.

Anna, Caregiver

Hello my name is Anna.

I am a loving and caring person with a BIG heart for people and animals. I am a wife and mother to 4 beautiful teenagers, a dog, and a cat!

I have been caring for the elderly for about 20 years. I started caring for others when my Grandma was diagnosed with dementia. I spent a lot of time stimulating her mind by playing games.

My passion is to make sure my patients are comfortable and happy with the care I am giving them. I love to make people laugh, and bring sunshine in their lives.

Esther, Caregiver

Hello, my name is Esther. I am a current grad student at the University of Michigan.

Something that I love about being in healthcare is that, I love the fact that I get to be someone’s friend. I am a firm believer that having someone to talk to can make a world of difference in people’s lives.

I truly enjoy what I do and I am grateful that I can keep doing this.

Marilyn, Caregiver

Hello, I am Marilyn ,

I am a retired medical surgery nurse who never stopped loving nursing. After my retirement, I realized I still have abilities to continue nursing in some capacity. Enter— Our Family friend.

I'm loving the goals and standards of this agency–to assist people to stay in their own homes and function as independently as they are able. In my hospital career the main cry of our people was "I want to go home".

I am so happy to be connected with an agency that can make a cry like that a reality. I love what I am doing and I love the people I work with and care for. It doesn't get any better than that.

Mariah, Caregiver

Hey! My name is Mariah. I am 22 years old and loving life! just recently got married June 27, 2016. Everything about caregiving I love! Getting to help people out makes it much more then a job to me and that's what I like most about it!. It's more fulfilling and getting to meet new people and hearing there stories is amazing to me!

Jamie, Caregiver

I'm Jamie,

I graduated from Spring Arbor University in 2013. I have been working in different areas of the healthcare field for a couple years. I am currently a medical scribe and working part time as a caregiver. I plan to return to school to pursue further studies in the healthcare field. Possibly a nurse, NP, or PA.

I developed a passion for healthcare early in life and always loved to get my hands dirty in the thick of any experience I could get, be it first aid or going on medical missions trips. After caring for my grandfather with Alzheimer’s in the last season of his life, I realized a desire to love and support people through the difficult seasons of their life wherever they are at.

When I am not working I love to read, watch movies, play volleyball, ride my bike, and hang out with friends. I am also a huge Seahawks fan (I grew up in Washington) and try to watch them any chance I get.

Maureen, Caregiver

Hi I'm Maureen, an RN whose worked in two nursing homes over 37 years. So I have a place in my heart for the elderly.

As semi-retired now I really enjoy more time to give one on one to the private duty setting. On my own time I enjoy: Bible study, travel, camping, biking, hiking, watching dvd movies and reading.

Vanjelica, Caregiver

My name is Vanjelica, and I am attending Eastern Michigan University pursuing an MBA in Accounting with an expected graduation date of winter 2018.
I've worked in healthcare for 4+ years now. I'm blessed to take after my mother with the passion of caring for the patients both younger and older. I enjoy helping others when they need it, making them laugh to brighten their day and giving someone a good conversation.
Outside school and work I enjoy playing volleyball, spending time with my family, and writing music.

Cassandra, Caregiver

Hello I’m Cassandra.

I’m originally from Escanaba, Mi! I was born and raised as a yooper! I moved down to Britton, Michigan February of 2017 where my boyfriend was.

My passion is to take care of others. Over the last couple of years I’ve worked in two different places that gave me the chance to help others, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Knowing I can brighten someone else’s day just makes mine so much better. Being a caregiver has changed my life in so many ways. I can say I look at things a lot different! I find myself helping others more than I help myself.

I am a very loving and caring person, I can be very shy at first but after you get to know me I’m very outgoing. I love to play basketball in my free time and go fishing with my boyfriend. I’m very family oriented! I feel that family is the key in this world for success!

Charles, Caregiver

Hello I’m Charles,
I transitioned into home health care work a few years ago after working 10 years as a nursing assistant in several extended care facilities. I realized the the importance of this work when I helped my father as his health was declining in the last 2 years of his life.
After having worked in different settings, I appreciate the opportunity as an in home caregiver, to fully attend to the needs of clients and their families. Getting to know them, and being part of their lives, is rewarding.

Dakota, Caregiver

My name is Dakota. I live in Addison, MI. Graduated from Sand Creek High School in 2013 and went on to college for a few years ending in EMT class and graduating from that in early 2017. I now have my EMT-B license in Michigan and am currently an active member on the Addison Fire Department.

Anne, Caregiver

Hi, I'm Anne.
My husband and I raised our three, now adult, children and still live in Milan, Michigan.
I recently joined the Our Family Friend team after retiring from a 31 year teaching career. My siblings and I cared for our mother for the last three years of her life. During this time I experienced the need for compassionate care givers to help my family fulfill the commitment to keep our mother in her home of over 50 years. I feel strongly about helping the elderly maintain their dignity and aid families during trying times in the lives of their loved ones.

Sabrina, Caregiver

My name is Sabrina , and ever since I was little I always wanted to work in the nursing field! When I was in high school , I took a program called career center. I took heath, I learned so many interesting things and I also got the opportunity to work in a nursing home! It was so exciting, I attended Jackson college , and I will be going back to school shortly. I love working with people and learning new skills.
I was in cheerleading for 7 years and loved it. I love being with my friends and family , and being with my nephews. I love kids and want to work with them in the hospital .

Jennifer, Caregiver

My name is Jennifer and I have been passionate about serving others from a very young age I have loved the experiences that I have had thus far working with many different types of people including children, the elderly, and the disabled. I am a currently a Masters of Social Work student at Spring Arbor University, as well as an assistant coach of SAU's cross country and track and field programs. I love to exercise, play guitar, and clean, and I also enjoy spending time with friends and family.

Jamie, Caregiver

I graduated from Spring Arbor University in 2013. I have been working in different areas of the healthcare field for over 4 years now. I am currently a medical scribe, working part time as a caregiver, and attending classes working towards my nursing degree.

I developed a passion for healthcare early in life and always loved to get my hands dirty in the thick of any experience I could get, be it first aid or going on medical missions trips. After caring for my grandfather with Alzheimer’s in the last season of his life, I realized a desire to love and support people through the difficult seasons of their life wherever they are at.

When I am not working or doing school work, I love to read, watch movies, play volleyball, hang out with friends, and visit my niece and nephews. I am also a huge Seahawks fan (I grew up in Washington) and try to watch them any chance I get.

Alissa, Caregiver

Hi my name is Alissa,
I have been with Our Family Friend for well over a year. I took a brief leave to go to work at a long term care facility from Jan-May of 2017. While there I attended K.C.C and received my State certification for a "Certified Nursing Assistant", I completed the course with a 96%. I chose to leave the facility when stress was affecting my home life. I contacted Dee right away. She took me back immediately, with no hesitation. Thank God! It is up to me to provide top notch, physical and emotional support, done with compassion and understanding. My goal is to be "that person" the family can count on and trust to provide their loved one a safe, comfortable atmosphere at home. I've done this line of work for 30 years and it's the GREATEST feeling to do for others what they can no longer do for themselves. I am a wife, mother, grandmother and caregiver. I enjoy reading, crafting, and fishing.

Sara, Caregiver

Hello. My name is Sara Keiser. I am a caring and compassionate person. I have been in patient care for about five years; including work on a busy oncology/hospice unit at St. Joseph mercy hospital, resident care assistant at retirement communities, and homecare.
I am currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in biology; and will continue my education in nursing or as a physician assistant.

Ramona, Caregiver

I'm Ramona. I work full time as a nurse and have had 8 years home care experience. I enjoy working one on one with patients in there home. Its like a living history lesson.

Courtney, Caregiver

Hello, my name is Courtney. I am currently studying Occupational Therapy and Social Work at Eastern Michigan University. I also am minoring in Sign Language. I have experience working with clients with traumatic brain injuries, as well as children with special needs.

Nancy, Caregiver

Hi, I am Nancy,

0I have retired from a local college after 34 years. Along the way I have cared for my mother who had major health issues for many years. After her passing I became involved with assisting my new neighbors, an elderly married couple who needed help with daily tasks as well as just being a caring friend with a listening ear. I realized that I enjoy helping those to be able to stay in their homes. So I recently joined this team!

Joy, Caregiver

My experience with caregiving and companionship began when I was quite young. My parents took in an elderly neighbor, who became like a grandfather to me. I had the privilege of being the first person to greet him every day, waking him up and helping with his glasses and leather shoes. After caring for him in such a way, I found personal value in connecting with his past. I listened to his stories, and one day asked to see the graves of his wife and baby. I remember him pointing them out to me at the cemetery. After he had passed on, I came to realize that his place in my family was a great blessing to us.
As the self-appointed secretary of my college house, I learned how to adapt my communication and diplomacy skills as needed. I am enthusiastic about finding a positive outlook, and a way to contribute constructively, empowering my friends and lightening the burdens of life.
I enjoy attending medical appointments and researching various health conditions for those whom I attend.
I studied Exercise Science and Chemistry in college, and now use my coursework in physiology, athletic training, and nutrition to make informed recommendations regarding lifestyle and wellness, as well as assisting those with limited mobility through stretches and massage.

Alexis, Caregiver

Hi, I’m Alexis. I’ve grown up in Hillsdale county my whole life. I am currently a Nursing student and expect to graduate with my RN in May of 2018. I have always had a passion for taking care of others. I worked in an assisted living facility for almost two years, and enjoyed caring for elderly residents there.
I decided that Our Family Friend would be a great organization to join because going into people’s homes allows me to be more focused on giving individual, quality care that everyone deserves. A few of my hobbies outside of this and school include playing volleyball, riding horses (I was active in 4-H for many years with various
animals), and spending time with my loved ones.


Mara, Caregiver

My name is Mara. With degrees from the University of Alabama and Michigan, I have spent almost three decades working in the health and wellness field in various capacities. My emphasis in the last 10 years has been on the senior community. It is my mission to provide excellent care and build strong and trusting relationships with the seniors I work with. I have experience working with folks requiring extra assistance physically and cognitively. It is my privilege to enhance the life of an individual navigating this challenging, yet beautiful season of life.
I have been blessed with a strong marriage for the last 31 years. Our three adult kids have moved out, but our two dads still share our home with us. In my spare time I love to hike with my dog Grace. A daily reminder that all is grace.