Our Family Friend is here to provide tailored and personalized home care to seniors or disabled individuals.

We partner with families to work as a team. We view our role as an extension of the family unit and are honored to be trusted with this role. There are many home care/companion care companies out there, but our company is focused on the caregiver recruiting and retention which is often a low priority in other agencies. We are based on common sense philosophies and solid principles that encompass compassion and integrity.

Our focus is to identify, recruit, and retain only the top talent in our caregiving industry.

Our Family Friend came into our lives via the recommendation of an outstanding group of Occupational Therapists. We couldn’t be more grateful for Dee Petry and her team. Our needs involved finding qualified, caring rehabilitation team members for a family member who had tragically suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. Our team needed talented, smart women who could commit to the intensity of aggressive rehab goals. One of Dee’s professional starting places is finding the ‘right’ employees. Our Family Friend is a company with a business philosophy so sorely needed in our culture. She puts people first. We are beginning our second year with Dee and couldn’t feel more at peace and cared for. Not only have her team members provided us with fabulous rehab team members, but she sincerely cares about me (as the core caregiver). Professional, attentive and sincere. We are more than happy to “spread the word” about Our Family Friend!

We support families who want their loved ones to be well-cared for in their own homes or added companion care for those in a facility. Our team has extensive experience with Alzheimer, Dementia, Parkinson’s and a range of other cognitive and degenerative diseases.

Our families include individuals with cognitive or physical disabilities. We can offer assistance to those wanting or needing a companion to help with tasks around the home, accompanying on social outings, and being an advocate for navigating your rights in the health care field.

Our Attendant Care aides coordinate alongside your team of occupational therapist, physical therapist, speech therapy, neurologist, etc. to help you reach your goals. Our daily attendant care aides allow support for you to continue your day to day activities.