Midnight Supplication

At nearly midnight, we hear a faint knock on the campus apartment door.

Following the first day of a professional conference, overstimulation and dorm-style beds mean we’re still awake. Angela, the resident night owl, opens the door.

Margie softly requests our help, unsteady on her feet from weakness and fatigue. “I must have left my medication at home,” she says. “But I need to have it.”

We’ve known Margie for several years, through annual attendance at the conference and from Facebook. We understand the urgency of her request because Margie has a chronic health condition that requires medication for maximum control. She used public transportation to travel from her home in the Midwest to the conference in the Northeast, which means she needs help to get her medicine. Angela volunteers to take her to the local community hospital’s emergency room, assuming that obtaining the prescriptions will be a simple matter.

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Life is a Highway

By Crystal Hayduk

Sitting behind the wheel of his “new” car, a 25-year-old, brown Lincoln Continental, he was as happy as I’d ever seen him. The sun reflecting off the chrome could not outshine the gleam in his eyes.

“Dad, why such a big car?” I asked through the open window, standing in the parking lot next to his purchase. “This thing is a gas hog!”

“Get in.” He gestured to the buttery leather seat beside him. “Let’s go for a ride.”

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5 Ways to Motivate & Encourage Seniors

5 Ways to Motivate & Encourage Seniors

I recently read a very helpful article about ways to motivate and encourage seniors. The article is an excerpt from the book “How to Communicate Effectively with Seniors.” 

The author states, “Caring for, and having successful relationships with older adults often requires unique interpersonal skills and strategies.” He then lists five ways to encourage and motivate older adults.

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